Friday, May 29, 2015

A Very Busy Short Week!

Dear Delaney Families,
    Although it was a short week, students were extremely busy at work in their classrooms and specials. Everyone enjoyed the terrific weather at recess. Here are some of the highlights!

Mrs.Lovely and her Delaney students had a fantastic art show that featured incredible paintings, sculptures and collages. She also had dedicated volunteers to help set up and break down!


Mrs.Young’s Class composed and read original poetry and it was impressive!



This student showed kindness to a classmate.


This child was helpful to a classmate.


This student helped a new classmate!

This student  showed kindness and patience.

Grade 3 Museum of Science Sound Presentation:
"Now Hear This!



The teacher's had a great send off by the students after school and although the outcome for the staff was not the best, the real winners were the families of Wrentham who will benefit from the $16, 857.25 raised for the 10th annual SWISH basketball game!




Congratulations to Lindsay MacDonald, new PTO president
I know everyone will join me in giving her support!


Grade 2 PTO Boxtops Collection Winners
Delaney Grade 2 students raised over 3400 points by collecting the most box tops and earned lunch with a DJ!  Mr.Arsenault was spectacular  and I noticed a few teachers in the crowd during the dancing party after lunch was over!


The staff appreciation lunch was terrific! The weather held for a great picnic and we are very thankful for the efforts that went into this event!


WEST funded a grant called Have you Heard? Noise may Affect Learning

What:  Classical Music and a chance to earn Disney Music weekly is coming to the Delaney Cafeteria.


·        Delaney students spend over 3000 minutes in the cafeteria each year.

·        Calm and welcoming environment will help children experience more
        socializing, eat more, leave less plate waste, and improve self-control.

When:  Within the next two weeks as equipment is set up!

Mrs. Wagstaff will give students an explanation of why this is important and fun! A brief pre and post assessment will be given to see if students and staff notice a difference.


Winners of the WEST fire truck ride auction and their chosen friends rode to school Friday!






Principal’s Coffee- June 5,  8:30 am  Vogel, Superintendent Cameron will talk about the budget.

Friday June 12th  Field Day, Rain date Tuesday June 16th.

Thank you for reading and viewing!

Colleen C. Wagstaff






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