Friday, March 27, 2015

Mud season

Dear Delaney Families,
    The School has been a busy place this week.  Grade 3 students are preparing for ELA MCAS and first grade students have been working on poetry. Mr. Moon has completed his dress rehearsal for Dancing with the Wrentham Stars and both playgrounds are open again! Here are some of the other highlights!

Grade 1 Poetry Celebration: Mrs. Burke's and Mrs. McNeal's Classes


Kindergarten visited Moose Hill to learn about maple trees and maple syrup!

The snow is melting which is a wonderful thing, but the mud left behind requires boots for recess!  

Grade 3 MCAS  English Language Arts
Tuesday March 31st and Wednesday April 1st


Parent Teacher Conferences

Tuesday April 13 th  - NOON Dismissal

Thursday April 15th  NOON Dismissal  

Early Release Day  Friday April 3rd - NOON dismissal

Mixed Bag  Due March 30th

Mother son event:  Friday April  10  7-8:30

Box Tops  Grade Contest:  Through April 30th
Please send in your box tops!

A photo that was late arriving to my computer last week!
Thank you for reading and viewing!
Colleen C. Wagstaff

Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring is here!

Dear Delaney Families,


      Spring has officially arrived during another busy week at Delaney. Students have been working hard learning about continents, fractions and how to segment words. Leprechauns were rumored to have been in the school on Tuesday.  Spring field trips have begun and we have welcomed several new students.
Here are some of the week's highlights:

Positive Referrals
These students received a positive referral for showing the Core Values of Respect, Responsibility, and Communication.



Positive Referral Breakfast for Trimester 2

Students v. Staff Basketball Game

The students were victorious by a point and the display of sportsmanship was excellent!


PTO meeting : Tues 24th 7pm  Delaney teachers room  

Spring Fundraiser:  SAMPLES  from Mixed Bags will be available!


PTO is need of gathering donations from local business for staff appreciation raffles, if you would like to help out please email us at

2nd and 3rd grade Boys and Guest Event
Friday April 10th

Congratulations to our Destination Imagination Teams for doing a spectacular job at Regionals!
Three teams are going to States this year!
Five teams brought home ribbons and all teams finished in the top ten of their challenges. The entire school community is so proud of them!

Here are the Tournament results from Saturday, March 14th at Whitman-Hanson High School.  Each year Destination Imagination challenges students with different types of problems to solve.  This year’s Technical Challenge had our teams building a creature and sending it on an adventure.  The Fine Arts Challenge asked students, “What are you afraid of?”  They needed to create a story about a character who faces a phobia, while displaying a piece of artwork and by using an illusion.  Two of our teams went to “The Improv Games”, using improvisational games and street performances in random settings and with different situations.  This year’s team members and tournament rankings are listed below.  Additionally, five WPS Alumni, Tyler DiFiore, Abby Hjort, Brenna Kennedy, Mackenzie Mattson, and Evelyn Moore fielded a team at King Philip Middle School. They place 1st over our 2nd Place Team Brown in the Technical Challenge: Creature Feature.  For more information about DI over all, questions about this year’s challenges, or State Tournament information, etc., please contact Linda DeVore at

This year’s DI Wrentham Wildcats are from the following grades and Teams;

6th Grade Team Brown: Creature Feature Middle School Level – 2nd Place

Harry Brown, Seth Foster, Peyton Mellman, Brianna Murphy, Keeling Sayers

5th Grade Team Anderson/Barros: Creature Feature Elementary Level – 4th Place

Kylie Anderson, Tyler Barros, Julia DeWitt, Dylan Roby, Zachary Schmitz, Will Weiblen, Kylie Wistran

5th Grade Team Tobichuk/Spada: The Improv Games – 2nd Place

Jack Tobichuk, Sam Hancock, Cooper Manzi, John Pfeiffer, Max Salvatore

5th Grade Team Brengel/Bartlett: Creature Feature – 2nd Place

Jacob Brengel, Nicolas Bartlett, Camden Constantine, Zachary Haigh, Sean Kinahan

5th Grade Team Hepburn: The Improv Games – 1st Plcae

Randy Hepburn, Flynn Duffy, Michael Earls, Quinn Garstka, Tyler Woloski, Jordyn Woloski (3rd Grade)

3rd Grade Team McFarlane/Mellman/Sansoucy: Creature Feature Elementary Level – 1st Place

Isabella McFarlane, Shea Mellman, Hannah Sansoucy, Callie Schweitzer, Chloe Kuzmeskas, Rebekah Gebhardt

3rd Grade Team Garstka/Crisafi: Feary Tales – 4th Place

Nathaniel Garstka, Maggy Crisafi, Dominic Crisafi, Julia DeVasto, Luke Danson, Sarah Brown, Brady Anderson

3rd Grade Team Cahoon/Mooney: Feary Tales 1st Place

Shaylee Cahoon, Larry Mooney, Skyler Barry, Brianna Haigh, Carson Poirier


Grade 2 Social Studies

 Grade 2 began their study of the 7 continents with a play in the Vogel Auditorium performed by their teachers!

MCAS  Dates for Grade 3 English Language Arts

Tuesday March 31st  and Wednesday April 1st

Friday March 27, 2015
8:30 AM
Vogel Auditorium
Topic: Student Placement

Friday March 27th
Mr. Moon dances to benefit WEST
School Bus
Issues, Investigations, and Resolution Process
Our goal is to provide safe, reliable school transportation. While students may be impacted by many variables such as length of trip, passengers on a given day, and the driver, proper bus behavior is expected following our Core Values of Respect, Responsibility and Communication. Our drivers are dedicated individuals who are committed to your child’s safe passage. Their primary responsibility is to drive safely.
Process following a reported bus incident:
§  An investigation is started by the principal.
§  A team (counselors, principal, teachers) approach is used to collect information.
§  Either counselors or principal will make a call to the parents of the children involved.
§  Several days are often needed to complete the investigation.
§  Non-confidential information will be shared during phone calls.
Friday April 3 is an early release day.
Dismissal at 12 Noon!
Thank you for reading and viewing.
Colleen C. Wagstaff
Delaney School


Friday, March 13, 2015

The lamb is catching up!


Dear Delaney Families,

          It was another productive week of learning here at Delaney. The most exciting event was outdoor recess every day!  We know Spring is coming because our students in Grade 2 are starting to learn to play lacrosse in PE class.


    Here are some of the other highlights!



Positive Referrals

This student helped a younger student who had a problem on the bus.

This student wrote a wonderful poem about her bus driver, Mrs. Hurley!
Mrs.Sabatini's Grade 3 Class gave yoga a try this week!

Student v. Staff Basketball Game
Thursday March 19th
Gibbons Gym

Benefiting WEST:

Dancing with the Stars: Friday March 27, 2015 


Balloons for Mr.Moon : Week of March 23rd



Read Across Wrentham

Ending March 22nd

 Reminder of goals 

1gr= 375 mins

2gr=500 mins

3gr=750 mins

Roderick 4-6grs 850 mins




Friday April 10th 7-8:30  
Grade 2 and 3 Boys: Mother and son night

 Tuesday March 24, 2015
Delaney Teachers Room

PTO Fundraiser :  Mixed Bags   
March 16-March 31st
Friday April 3rd will be an early release day.
Dismissal at 12-Noon
Thank you for reading and viewing!
Colleen C. Wagstaff