Friday, January 9, 2015

The Deep Freeze


Welcome to 2015!  Our students are back into the swing of things in the classroom after a long winter break. While it wasn’t really wintery during the break, it has more than made up for it this week! Unfortunately, our bitter temperatures have made outdoor recess wishful thinking.  Here are the other highlights of the week and important school community information:




Nurses Corner:
The stomach bug has hit Delaney with a big punch.
The nurses in our health office  are sending a reminder regarding the 24 hour rule for fever, vomiting or diarrhea. If any of these symptoms are present within 24 hours of school,  your child needs to stay home.


 Keep up the good hand washing habits!


School drop off is not before 8:10. We are experiencing many unsupervised early arrivals. This is a safety concern and we are asking you to please adhere to the 8:10 time.
Drop off areas:
In front of the Delaney School on the Taunton Street side
Behind Roderick School off Randall Road.
There are staff members at each entrance at 8:10.

Reminder:  If you are walking your child into school, please park your car. The cone lane and through lane need to remain clear for traffic.




At no time between 8:00 and 8:45 and 2:15-3:00 are vehicles allowed in the bus circle between buildings. 

A guest reading to the Principal and Fritz the pony!

Don’t forget to send your box tops to school as they have a direct benefit.


There are no national ( US Department of Education) or professional ( American Academy of Pediatrics)standards for temperature or other weather conditions that preclude sending children outside for recess.
At WPS we use "feels like 20 degrees" in any combination as our benchmark.  The principal makes the decision after consulting our Weather Bug and a local weather app.  The decision is not made lightly. Our belief is that children benefit greatly, body and mind, by having gross motor and social opportunities outside.

It is expected that we try to get out each day even in drizzle and flurries and children should be dressed in multiple layers and have gloves, hats and boots when necessary.

The school secretaries would like to extend their sincere appreciation for all of the wonderful holiday treats they were given. There were much appreciated.

Our lobbies continue to be a place where donations to the food pantry can be made each week.  There are carts for non-perishables in the Delaney lobby, the annex lobby and near family pick-up in the cafeteria.



Mrs. White and Mrs. Crowley are starting a Grade 3 cafeteria advisory group with a student from each third grade classroom.  They will discuss ideas for healthy lunches as well as find out what kind of lunches the other students like!




Coming Events:

KP Cares  Movie Night: FROZEN  FREE  Friday Jan. 9  KP High School Auditorium.  

Preschool Information Evening:
Wednesday January 21
6-7   Vogel Auditorium

Preschool Registration:  January 23-30   
Delaney Main Office
Check WPS website for more information

Martin Luther King Day- No SCHOOL  Monday January 19 th

Professional Development- NO SCHOOL  Tuesday January 20th

Specials Switch Day    Monday January 26th
Transitional K Switch day  Wednesday  January 28th

Principal's Coffee  Friday January 30th   8:30 a.m.   Vogel Auditorium  Topic: TBD




PTO  Snow Ball   Grade 2 and 3    Friday January 30  7-9

Delaney Cafeteria
Thank you for reading and viewing.
Colleen C. Wagstaff
Delaney Principal











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