Friday, January 16, 2015

No Thaw in Sight!

Dear Delaney families,

 We are midway through January and the students are well into curriculum. I visited many classes this week and witnessed how much effort your children are giving on a variety of standards. Unfortunately, the weather has been most uncooperative and much needed outdoor motor and mental breaks have not been possible each day.   We remain hopeful!

Here are some of the week’s highlights:



Grade 1 Presentation by author David Biedrzycki

 This class received a positive referral for demonstrating the Core Value of Respect in the hall at a very important time.

The Roderick School Advanced Band presented some musical selections for everyone on Wednesday and they were fantastic. Miss Salazar always gets the very best from her students.

Box Tops collection February 1- April 30th
The grade that collects the most gets a DJ at lunch!


Snow Ball Dance Grades 2 and 3   Friday January 30th 7-9   Delaney Cafeteria

Read Across Wrentham  February 2-March 6.  
 There remains a need for parent volunteers.


Literacy Night:   March 2nd 


February 28th  7-11
See WEST website for details!



Please model our Core Value of Respect for the children while in the parking lot, by using pleasant tones when speaking to the staff outside. Our commitment is to keep children safe.
Parking only in parking spots in the morning. The cones are for drop off and go only.

Thank you for your cooperation.





Monday is Martin Luther King Day and there is no school. 


Tuesday is a Professional Development day for the teaching staff.
We will be working all day on Writing Process and how to confer with students about their writing.
Paraprofessionals will be working on Math standards.

There is no school for students on Tuesday January 20th.


Project Blossom Preschool
Information Evening
New Options for 2015-2016
Wednesday January 21st
Vogel Auditorium


The Delaney BLOG

It was brought to my attention that the blog publishing notice was not arriving by Email blast.  That should be corrected with this publishing. It was a technical glitch that has been worked out and apologies for any inconvenience.

The blog can be accessed on the new website by clicking on  Delaney School Office
Scroll down on Left



Thank you for reading and viewing.

Colleen C. Wagstaff


Delaney School

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