Friday, October 23, 2015

Week 8

Another busy Week in Delaney!
Big Core Values banners are going up in the Delaney Cafeteria!  
The surest way to make it hard for children is to make it easy for them.
Eleanor Roosevelt
The quote resonates with me on a weekly basis. We sometimes do so much for our children and student that we are sending a message that that they aren't strong enough to face challenges. We are dong a disservice to them when we take away challenges that will help build resiliency.


Over the past two weeks, second grade students researched topics of choice. They used nonfiction text features such as captions, labels, photographs and illustrations to create posters to display their new knowledge. Each group presented their work to their peers today. The students' work and presentations were incredible! You can see them on  display in the second grade hallway.


Dr. Cameron read to Mrs. Nunes' Kindergarten

Playground Committee:
We need a Little Tykes Slide donated to help make our fundraising goal sign.
Please place non-perishable food items in the carts in all school lobbies. The Wrentham Food Pantry appreciates your generosity.
Photo Day in Delaney!

 Cross Walks
Please stop when someone is in the crosswalk in front of Delaney.
I saw a car speed through the other day when someone was trying to cross during morning arrival.
The extra 10 seconds you save is not worth the alternative if someone in our community gets hurt.
Lost and Found
Located in the room next to the Delaney Cafeteria and marked with a sign on the wall.
Items are collected at the end of each month. Textiles are recycled and other items are thrown away for health and sanitary reasons.

Halloween Hustle
This Sunday!

You can enter the race on Sunday if you are just deciding to come!
Can't wait to see everyone at the race!

 Monster Bash   Friday October 30th
PreK-Grade 1
Book Fair:  Barnes and Noble
Tuesday and Wednesday November 10th and 11th
Mrs. Wagstaff will read on the 10th in the 6:00 hour! 
What is Fundations?
Fundations is a systematic phonological awareness program taught to all students in Grades K-2. The program is taught to the whole and includes phonics, phonemic awareness, spelling, and letter formation. It is research based, offers a multisensory approach, and works well with a balanced literacy approach.
A first grade student sharing her love of ponies with me!
Thank you for reading and viewing!
Colleen C. Wagstaff
Delaney Principal


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