Friday, June 17, 2016

week 37

Summer is upon us! 

Meet the Teachers Event

Grade K through 2 students met the teachers who will be teaching their next grade, with the exception of new teachers and anyone on a leave of absence. 

The students were treated to curriculum news and exciting events that typically happen in the grade and even a song! 
They generated fantastic questions that they had for the teachers as they circulated to each table. Questions ranged from specific math topics to where the bathrooms were for the next grade!  
They certainly left the event knowing that the teachers for the next grade were looking forward to having them and that it will be fun and exciting!  
We even built some resiliency in for students who are "set" on a certain teacher by telling them they will be successful no matter who their teacher is! 

Grade 3 Revolutionary Wrentham Trip!

Grade 3 Mrs. Jeffries and Ms. Horne
A WEST Grant Activity!

Engineering Design Process


Build the strongest structure you can to withstand an earthquake! 

Mrs. Sabatini and Mrs. Pitman's Classes

Author Celebration

Mrs. McNeal's Bubble Magic! 

Mrs. Albertini's Writing and Publishing! 
All About Stories
Small Moments
What I Grow Up! 

These Grade 1 students have learned so much from Writer's Workshop this year!

Pep Rally

Delaney students were finalists in the Rock Paper Scissors event!  PreK, K and 2!

What is School Committee?

The Wrentham School Committee is responsible for setting Policies for the District and approving the District Budget on an annual basis.  The School Committee is responsible for hiring and supervising the Superintendent of the Wrentham Public Schools.  In private business terms, the School Committee is the Board of Directors of the District and the day-to-day operations of the District are operated by the Superintendent and his Administrative team.  The Committee consists of 5 Members, each elected for staggered 3 year terms in the annual April Town elections.  

Next Meeting:  Tuesday June 21, 2016
Open to the Public! 

Our Delaney students are really important to us and we never like to see them leave. However, if you know you are moving out of Wrentham, please come in soon to sign the release of records so we can make sure they arrive at the next school!

If you take your child to play on the playground after school, please be sure to keep your child away from the guard rail next to the Roderick access road.  The bus drivers are concerned for your child's safety! Thank you. 

Tuesday, June 21st, LAST DAY OF SCHOOL,

Thank you for reading and viewing! 

Colleen Wagstaff

Delaney Principal

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