Thursday, September 3, 2015

Week One

Welcome back!  Delaney opened the doors to another great year with over 600 students!  




   "Think left and think right and think low and think high.  Oh, the things you can think up if only you try." Dr. Seuss


Reminder: Bus drivers will not let Kindergarten students off without seeing an adult.



Thank you to Mike Lavin and Ron Lilja of the Wrentham DPW  for parking lot cross walks and arrows and lane markers.


Safety for All at Delaney Morning Drop Off!
We are working really hard on the morning drop off procedures, and need everyone’s cooperation.  The safety of our students, staff and visitors is of primary importance.  We need to follow several procedures to keep it safe:

      Cones are placed along the sidewalk at both the Delaney and Annex ends of the building. Please pull up to the cones to let your children out and then proceed with caution back into the driving lane. Do not let children out at any other location unless you are parking.



Playground Committee  Meeting

Where:  Delaney Conference Room
When:  Wednesday, September 23rd   3:00 p.m.


Next Friday, will be the anniversary of the events that occurred on September 11, 2001.  For those of us who recall the events that day, it is a day of remembrance for others so deeply affected.  Please be advised, however, there will be no district observance due to the developmental levels of our students. If a child expresses concern, we will have support available.


Open House




5:30-5:35    Grade 3     Delaney Cafeteria   Mrs. Wagstaff greeting

5:35-6:30    Grade 3     Classroom presentations  

6:00 -6:05   Grade 1     Delaney Cafeteria   Mrs. Wagstaff greeting

6:05-7:00    Grade 1     Classrooms presentations

6:30-6:35    Grade 2     Delaney Cafeteria    Mrs. Wagstaff greeting

6:35-7:30   Grade 2      Classroom presentations

 Title I will have a table for communication and information.



WTA Charity Softball Game Fundraiser 2015

Wrentham Staff vs. Wrentham Police

WhenThursday, September 24th @6:00 P.M.

Where: McMorrow Field (behind Roderick School)

Rain Date:  Thursday October 1st @6:00 P.M.




First Meeting:  Tuesday, September 29th 7:00p.m.
Where:  Delaney Teachers Room


Picnic and Movie Night
Friday, September 25th 
Picnic  6pm  Movie 7pm

 Thanks for reading and viewing.
Colleen Wagstaff
Delaney Principal









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