Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring might appear?

Hello Delaney Families,

It has been a very busy week with students focused on well-planned lessons.  Opinion writing is a hot topic in many classrooms and students really enjoy this genre and give great effort on their compositions.  Here are few of the week’s highlights:



Art news from Mrs. Lovely


Wrentham’s young artists have been busy.

Third graders have concluded sculpting with ground up paper mache.  They have created many creatures, great and small, and finished by painting for detail. 

Second graders made heads with shoulders out of egg shells and clothes pin people.  The detail they added was impressive.  They used toothpicks to paint the faces.

Grade 1 students have designed their own castles and dinosaurs.   They concluded the projects by adding a bit of “bling” with glitter.

Kindergarten explored 7 different types of lines, attempted to gain more control over manipulating a bottle of glue, and painted.  Their enthusiasm is a pleasure.




 Mrs. Sabatini's Class special visitor:


Special Agent Rick Sabatini visited our classroom for a presentation on the different types of law enforcement and government. He brought his tool bag and let the students figure out what the items were used for. He also accidentally brought a few silly items such as a hair dryer and a stuffed bunny. They quickly realized agents don't need those!






Grade 2 and 3 Boys and mother’s party:  Friday 7-8:30


Grade 2 is in the lead with Box Top collection!


Meeting: Monday April 13th   3-4pm in the Vogel  
Activities will be provided for your children
Come hear our great plans for next year!
Its not to late to get involved!


PTO is looking for volunteers to help with the Staff Appreciation Luncheon

Friday May 22nd
   Anyone interested may contact us at




Parent Teacher Conferences
Tuesday April 14th   NOON Dismissal
Thursday April 16th   NOON Dismissal


Please stop in the office if you have a question or concern I can help with.



Spring Vacation
April 20-24th


Thank you for reading and viewing.


Colleen C. Wagstaff


Delaney School




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