Friday, December 12, 2014

December in New England

It is hard to believe we are approaching mid December but the weather tried hard to remind us this week. Our Delaney students are really doing well with curricula expectations and teachers are implementing great lessons to meet objectives. Here are some of the highlights:
Every year, the Wrentham Public Schools’ staff, community members, organizations, and businesses combine forces to help school families in need. This year, 28 families will receive help for the holidays. Mrs. Toni Rando, Delaney School Secretary, with the assistance of Mrs. Kerry Richardson, Delaney School Nurse and Mrs. Julie Cashman, Roderick School Nurse, work tirelessly to organize this endeavor. Thank you to these ladies and to all those listed below who helped to make the holidays special for our children.
Lions Club
McCombs Family & Neighbors
Wrentham Developmental Center
Wrentham Cooperative Bank
Wrentham Elementary Staff
Wampum Corner Wine & Spirits
The Pond Home
The Holly Club
Anonymous Donors

The PTO is sending a reminder that a percentage of your purchases at Stop and shop help our school. Please register your Stop and Shop card using the Delaney ID of 05955. This can be done on the Stop and Shop A+ website.
Nurses Corner
Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. Scollins have been conducting vision and hearing screening. Please be sure your child beings his/her eyeglasses to school.
Please contact your school nurses if your child is in need of a winter coat this season. A donation of coats has recently been made to the health office.

Please make sure your children dress for the weather.  Gross motor activities are so important and we attempt to have outdoor recess unless the conditions are extreme.

T’is the Season for Giving . . .
to benefit the Wrentham Food Pantry
For 24 years the Holiday Cookie Collection has brightened
 the season for many local families.
Join us in continuing this wonderful tradition!

Friday, December 19th, 8:00 am to 2:45 pm

Your non-perishable food donations for the Wrentham
 Food Pantry are also greatly appreciated!
Contact Jackie Robison (508.320.5402) with questions
about the collection or to arrange alternate drop-off times.

Thank you for your generosity!

Plimoth Visitors to Delaney 


As part of Grade 3 Social Studies, guests from Plimoth Plantation were in school on Monday. In character, they spent time in each third grade classroom telling the students about life at Plimoth .
Because children are ever surprising us, I wanted to share a story I received from a parent of a third grade student. Since Monday was so cold, the children had indoor recess. A student happened to notice and announce to his fellow classmates that “William Bradford”  got into a “red camero” in the Delaney parking lot and that parking lot became the object of much viewing! 
 Hibernation day with Mrs. Nunes’ Kindegarten

Positive Referrals

This student was showing Core Values by helping a classmate.
This student was kind to a classmate.


I was invited to read a Gingerbread Story this week to
Mrs. Nunes’ class. I brought a 1963 version by Bonnie
and Bill Rutherford. The children were great listeners!

 They wrote about Gingerbread boys and presented

 their writing to me.


Wednesday December 24, 2014
Friday January 2, 2015
Thank you for reading and viewing.
Colleen C. Wagstaff
Principal, Delaney School

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