Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hello Delaney Families!
 I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful early fall weather. The students and teachers have been very busy this week. Here are some highlights:

Kindergarten students enjoyed their complimentary pizza lunch that our Food Service staff provided this week!

Safe Arrival to School!


Safety for All at Delaney Morning Drop Off!


We are working really hard on the morning drop off procedures, and need everyone’s cooperation. The Delaney drop off has been less than ideal for everyone involved and I am continuing to try to solve the many problems it poses. The safety of our students, staff and visitors is of primary importance.  We need to follow several procedures to keep it safe:

·        We are working on signs to define the direction of the traffic flow that needs to be followed.

·        Cones are placed along the sidewalk at both the Delaney and Annex ends of the building. Please pull up to the cones to let your children out and then proceed with caution back into the driving lane. Do not let children out at any other location unless you are parking.

·        Be mindful of students leaving your vehicle on the side away from the sidewalk as cars are coming into the lot to park or go to the Annex end.

·        Leaving your car at the sidewalk holds the line up for others.

·        If you are getting out of the vehicle or walking your child to the door, you MUST park in a designated spot and get out.

·        Please adhere to a very cautious and slow speed limit throughout the Delaney parking lot at ALL times of the day.

Congratulations to Will Sanislow upon the completion of his Eagle Scout project on the Delaney Preschool playground. On Monday, Will had a ribbon cutting ceremony with family, friends, and dignitaries present. He was recognized by the School Committee Tuesday evening!

Fall fundraiser is underway and orders are due by October 1st.

Lost and found is located in the storage room next tot he Delaney Cafeteria and accessed from the hallway. The room is marked with a wall sign. As mentioned in the Back to School notes, items will be kept for the month and anything unclaimed will be recycled or disposed of at this time. Due to lack of space and to keep our school healthy and clean, we cannot store items long term. Please accompany your child to retrieve lost items.

Police vs. Staff  Softball Game  Thursday September 25th at 6:00!

This week, several of our classes viewed  "Alexander, The Elephant Who Couldn't Eat Peanuts".  This educational video helps to introduce some basis information regarding food allergies and reinforces the importance of  not sharing food and being mindful of individual differences.  This video is a small part of our ongoing efforts to keep all Delaney students safe and healthy.  For more information, please feel free to contact our school nurses.

The positive referral program was started several years ago as a means to recognize students who are making choices and modeling the schools' Core Values.
The Core Values are:
Continuous Growth and Learning
Congratulations to the following students for receiving a Positive Referral this week!  These two first graders both helped a friends in need without being prompted!


   Special Person's Day is Wednesday October 22nd  9:30-10:30

Thank you for reading and viewing!
Have a great weekend!

Colleen C. Wagstaff

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